LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults -Big Rainbow Kite 61 Inches Wide – Long Tail 95 inch,100 Meter String -Easy to Fly Toy for Outdoor Games Beach and Activities -Good Plan for Memorable Fun

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Remember when you were young and your parents taught you to fly a kite for the first time? What a memory that is! Now it’s your turn to CREATE THOSE MEMORIES for your children and grandchildren.

Kite flying is an exciting hobby for kids and adults and whether you are just starting or you are passing on the skill to the new generation you can’t go wrong with the Liderstar huge, enormous, gigantic, jumbo amazing multi colored rainbow kite!

Made of the finest kite making materials: Don’t fear, this one won’t break like the others
* Special, rainbow colored ripstop woven nylon fabric
* Extremely durable, remarkably flexible fiberglass rods
* The strongest string (line)
* Uniquely strong and comfortable ring handle

The size is an unfathomable 30 x 61 inches yet folds up easily for storage. You may think that that could be hard to control but this kite has been specially engineered to LAUNCH EASILY and stay stable in the air even in the toughest conditions. With 328 feet of string you can let this baby go way up. We seriously advise against using in massive electrical storms! 🙂

Is it a toy or is it a skill? Actually it’s both! Man has been flying kites for thousands of years and each serious kite flyer started out playing with his toy kite. Kiting gives your children the chance to understand physics, aerodynamics and natural phenomena while playing. Isn’t that the best kind of learning?

This triangular, rainbow colored kite will give you and your family hours of fun, outside of the house, away from the screens in a traditional family setting. What’s more, your family will be the envy of every passerby.

There are kite flying festivals and communities all over the U.S. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and meet people.

ADD TO CART NOW and start your kids on the joyride of a lifetime. If you are not happy just return within 30 days for a FULL REFUND.


  • BUILD PRICELESS MEMORIES: Kites have amazed and delighted countless generations of both children and adults. You know that the years of parenthood go quickly-hit the beach or park share the magic with your family and build memories that will last a lifetime while you still can.
  • DEVELOP STRENGTH AND COORDINATION: Learning how to launch and control it will help your youngsters develop coordination and critical thinking skills in a very practical setting. Not only that but they’ll feel the thrill of success when they finally launch it.
  • EAVE THE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE INSIDE: Childhood obesity is epidemic due to lack of physical activities and they spend most of their time indoors staring at computer screens. Help your child to put down the controller and discover a pastime that will get them outside active and healthy.
  • EASIEST TO ASSEMBLE AND HOLD: This beginner delta kite is perfect gift for boys and girls , for Christmas or Halloween gift . Manufactured with non-toxic materials comes with a kid-friendly handle and has extremely stable handling characteristics.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO FLY: Flying this giant kite particularly in light winds can require some degree of skill. This easy flyer is specially designed to be stable and not difficult to launch in any level of wind. The durable fabric body and tail will last for years. Order today and plan your first excursion for next weekend. You won’t regret it-we promise.
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