CIM Octopus kite – Draki RED – Single line kite for children from 3 years onwards – 10×63 inch – incl. kite line


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Product Description

This product is manufactured in highest quality – just like all products from the distribution of Colours in Motion. As always, Colours in Motion pays attention to premium and safe materials and a top-quality workmanship. The products are manufactured exclusively in controlled companies. Thus, it is ensured that all products are produced fairly and without the use of child labour. Decades of experience and continuous development enables Colours in Motion to fulfil perfectly the needs and requirements of the clients. The product spectrum ranges from colourful wind wheels and high-quality windgames with extraordinary designs to kites for everyone and gigantic show kites for experienced kite pilots.


  • STRAIGHTFORWARD AND HIGH QUALITY – the child friendly one liner kite is fitted with tearproof polyester canvas and unbreakable fiberglass poles. Our Drakis come preassembled – the perfect starter kite for children from 3 years old!
  • UNIQUE OCTOPUS DESIGN – The kite in shape of an octopus comes with bright colors and showy long tails – it will be the sky’s center of attention.
  • PERFECT FLIGHT ABILITIES – Draki is easy to fly – thanks to its relatively great surface and low weight the kite flies already from 0.5 Bft. The 8 long tails allow an extra stabile flight ability.
  • WOW-EXPERIENCE AND LEARNING EFFECT – The fascinating moment when the kite lifts off into the air will be unforgettable for all children! There they learn about the effects of wind, improve their coordination skills and get a great sense of achievement as soon as they start the kite and control it.
  • SUSTAINABLE, SAFE AND FAIR -; CIM exclusively uses health-friendly materials. Our kites are manufactured by European standards. For CIM child labor is of course an absolute no go.
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